Saturday, 7 February 2015

write a short note on AGRICULRURAL POLICY

Introduction. under the economic system prevailing in Pakistan, agricultural land is primarily owned and operated by private farmers. About 4 million formers are operating nearly 19 million hectares of land. All important decisions regarding technology, investment in land development and agricultural machinery, use of current inputs ( such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc) and the level and mix crops to grow are taken by the private farmers keeping in view in their own private interests and objectives which are may or may not be in accordance with the national requirements. By using the instruments of agricultural policy, government can influence the various decisions taken by the farmers in order to insure that their outcome is also in accordance with the national objectives.

Policy objectives
Agricultural policy consists of various measures taken by the government to achieve specified objectives. Under our circumstances, the main objectives of agricultural policy are as under.

better distribution of agriculture assets.
To improve farmers incomes.
To ensure equitable terms of trade for agriculture sector vis-à-vis farm sector.
To accelerate agricultural growth.
To ensure balanced growth in production to fulfill domestic requirements.
To encourage greater investment in agriculture.
To provide cheap food and industrial raw materials.
To increase exportable surplus in order to increase foreign exchange earnings.
To reduce imports of agricultural commodities through import substitution.
To ensure stability of prices for procedure and consumers.

Policy package
the package of agriculture policies generally sued in Pakistan consists of the following two categories.

First:  this category covers fixing prices of agricultural output and inputs, measures relating to their domestic as well as international purchase and sale, import and export duties, foreign exchange rate etc.

Second:   this category involves redistribution of land ownership as well as the conditions of tenancy and inheritance.

The above categories should be discussed in greater detail in the following sections.

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