Sunday, 18 January 2015

the using electromagnets

electromagnets are used in many domestic and industrial devices. they are used for lifting, sorting and moving objects as well as for recording information. for an electromagnets to do a useful job, it needs to produce a very strong magnnetic field.

electromagnets have a coil of  copper wire wound tightly around an iron core   using  iron in the core makes the magnet 2000 times stronger then the  same solesoid with nothing but air inthe core.whenthe current in the coil is switched on, the magnetic field of the solenid magnetizes the iron, which has a much stronger magnetic fieldthan the solenoid on its own. another advantage of using iron is thet the core loses its  magnetism as soon as the current is turned off. iron is asoft magnetic material.

electromagnts can be used to separatr ferrous metals like iron and steel from non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium. they are also used in many other devices sush as loudsspeakers and electric motors.


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