Monday, 15 September 2014

Sir sayyid ahmad khan (1817-98)

sir sayyid khan now appeared on the scene. He laid the foundations on which later politicanc,such as M.A jinnah,were able to build the state of pakistan .Sir sayyid was a judge and came from a family with a lone  history of high office stretching back to mughal times.

he saw that if, after their after in the war of independence, the muslim turned their backs on the western world and its education, they would slip further and further behind and become just peasants. The hindus, many of whom had accepted the british reforms, had gone further and further ahead.

sir sayyid tried to establish friendly relations between the Muslims and british. He pointed out that science and technology must be accepted and used for the progress of muslims and greater glory of allah. His great belief was in education and in 1875. He setup the anglo oriental school in allgarh latest to become a collage and the a university.


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