Tuesday, 9 September 2014

PTV Sports Latest BISS Key / Code

Ptv sports latest biss key

The biss key of PTV games is continued changing throughout significant cricket matches. They are changed and just advised to the concerned physical systems of PTV. In any case you can even now seek on the Internet to discover the most recent key of PTV Sports. These keys are first advised to the concerned PTV systems, from that point they are spilled out and are put on the Internet for the cricket lovers.pakistan and India are the two significant nations with colossal cricket fans. A significant number of them live in the towns and remote zones where the office of high quality TV is distracted. So they are needy just on the satellite TV for viewing the cricket matches. In this post, we are putting the most recent PTV Sports biss key for you. In the event that you are a cricket sweetheart, then you can discover the most recent biss key of PTV Sports here. It would be ideal if you recollect that the right to show live cricket matches in Pakistan is held by Geo Super. Assuming that you can benefit the HQ TV office, please utilize it to watch the live cricket, as the concerned TV arrange, the Geo Super, ought to be credited morally. In the event that the satellite TV is the main choice for you, then you can utilize the biss key to watch the live telecast of cricket on PTV Sports. The following is the most recent biss key of PTV Sports. If its not too much trouble not that the biss keys are continued evolving. In the event that the underneath key has been changed and we haven't upgraded it yet and you know the most recent key, please impart that key by remarking on this post. Thank you.ptv Sports and different stations of PTV system have been moved to new satellite Paksat 38° East. You can utilize the accompanying parts to watch PTV Sports on Paksat 38° Ea. 

Frequency Details
 Satellite: Paksat 38° East
New Frequency: 4004
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 3333
New Biss Key: 2A 4D 6D CC 7E 3A 7F CC
updated  29 March. 2014          

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