Saturday, 13 September 2014

Life History Of Ibnbatuta (1304-68)

Ibnbatuta was probably the most famous of the early muslim travellers. On foot and on animal back. the covered about 120, 000 kilometres-the equilent of three times round the equator. He travelled from spain to china. and from central africa to the russain steppes. His accounts tell us much about the muslim world of the 14th century.

he studied law,like the rest of his family ,but when he was twenty-one he set off on apilgrimage to makka .on his  first jorney he went via the red sea to makka , they syria, iraq, khorasan, southernpersia, azerbaijan, and back to baghdad. he settled in arabia of three years, but then become restless again, and ones more sett of on a long journey. His travels looks him to jaddah yemen, aden, tanzania (by boat), south arabia on mens, hormuz, southpersia and back to makka.


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